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The sea powered feeding supplement for healthier stock.

Vitagran Seaweed Meal is a general purpose vitamin and mineral

supplement made from fresh seaweed. Seaweed Meal is suitable

for feeding to all types of animals – from race horses to cattle,

sheep, goats, greyhounds, cats and poultry. The huge range of

minerals and vitamins (see analysis below) make it an ideal

supplement. As the minerals and vitamins are present in a

naturally balanced form, there is no danger of overdosing. In most

vitamin/mineral mixtures marketed by chemical companies, the

vitamins and minerals are present in a synthetic form and are

provided as a mix of single vitamins or minerals. Hence many

reactions can take place between compounds, rendering many of

them less available to stock. However, in Vitagran Seaweed Meal

the vitamins and minerals occur as complex substances that are

naturally chelated, that do not react with one another and are

readily absorbed in the intestines.

The presence of alginate in seaweed meal allows for more efficient utilisation of other dietary

components. This has led to many European stock feed manufacturers adding 1-2% seaweed meal to

their proprietary brand stock feeds, as this has been found to result in better feed conversion. Thus

Vitagran Seaweed Meal can be used at very low levels in any feed to provide a wide range of the

vitamins and minerals required by stock and at the same time resulting in more production per kg of

feed consumed. For example, Vitagran is used at 15kg per tonne of grain.

Note: Seaweed Meal is not a replacement for meat meal in high protein diets, as it contains only 5%

protein. Do not use at levels in excess of 5% of total feed intake. Being a dry powder, mix it well

with other feed, as the dryness of Vitagran Seaweed Meal may be unpalatable to stock, until they

become accustomed to it. Otherwise, add a little moisture to the feed.

FEEDING GUIDE : Quantities given are a guide for normal situations. In case of extreme

deficiency substantially higher quantities can be fed to advantage.


Brood Mares 50g per day during pregnancy.

30g per day when dry.

Foals 30g per day from weaning to maturity or until full training.

Race Horses 50g per day when in training.

25g per day when spelling.

Show Horses 50g per day when in work.

40g per day when spelling.

Stallions 50g per day when in work.

30g every 2nd day when spelling.



All breeds 5-10g per day mixed in with daily ration or placed in container where

goats can feed as required.


Cows in milk 20g per day or 10-25kg in one tonne of dried feed.

Calves 5g per day, gradually increasing to adult rate at 6 months.

Bulls 30 g (up to 60 g) per animal per day, depending on work levels.


All breeds Up to 60g per day.


Small deer 10 -15 g per day.

Large deer 20 – 30 g per day.


All breeds 5-10g per day.


All breeds Use as 1-2% of total ration, dry or wet.


Small dogs A small sprinkling mixed with food.

Large dogs 5-10g per day depending on size of dog.



Copper 6 mg/kg Riboflavin 2.5 mg/kg

Cobalt 12 mg/kg Niacin 23.0 mg/kg

Zinc 30 mg/kg Choline 275 mg/kg

Iodine 0.5- 1.2 g/kg Carotene 42 mg/kg

Iron 0.08 g/kg Pantotene 7 mg/kg

Phosphorus 1.5 g/kg Vitamin A 150 I.U./kg

Potassium 12.0 g/kg Vitamin E 6.4 mg/kg

Magnesium 10.0 g/kg Vitamin B 200 µg/kg

Calcium 14.0 g/kg


Alginates 600 to 700 g/kg Sodium Chloride (max) 30g/kg

Crude protein 50g/kg Crude fat 6 to 26 g/kg

Crude fibre (max) 70g/kg

Vitagran Seaweed Meal is available in 5kg, 20kg cartons and 1000kg Bulk bags from your local