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Orchid Mix has been designed for all types of orchids requiring an open and free draining growing medium.


Orchid Mix is the perfect growing medium for all types of orchids requiring an open and free draining mix. It is ideal for epiphytic and terrestrial orchids such as Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, and Cymbidiums just to name a few.


This lightweight mix has been tried and tested by professional orchid growers with great success and is the preferred medium for both pots and in-ground growing.

Where can I use Orchid Mix?


Orchid Mix is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors depending on orchid variety. If you are growing indoors, place orchids in a well ventilated position. Most Orchids enjoy filtered light and periods of shade, however this will vary depending on varieties. Light assists them to flower but if you notice leaves turning yellow then give them more shade.


How do I use Orchid Mix?


As a general rule orchids dislike being over potted, so when selecting your pot choose one that comfortably fits the root system and allows for two year of vegetative growth. Ensure the post has adequate drainage holes and that they are clear of any excess plastic. Rocky Point Orchid Mix is ready to use straight out of the bag, so nothing needs to be added at the time of potting.